my favorite fonts/typefaces

The majority of fonts on this list are sans, simply because on web/mobile interfaces people don’t often read long text and hence the sans typeface will be the best choice


1. work-sans

If you are looking for something that gives you that magazine vibe this is your font work-sans

2. montserrat homepage

This font literally looks like Helvetica but with a twist, Its characters are wider. work-sans

3. Source sans pro homepage

If you are doing anything to do with code then this would be your best way to keep people within that context even when they are not looking at code. Its sister font being “source code pro”. Looks a lot like Whitney A typeface work-sans

4. Lato homepage

It looks rather rounded but its fine. similar to proxima nova lato

5. open sans

This was a font that I thought was the natural successor to Helvetica and Arial. open-sans

6. Roboto

I fell in love with this font when they shipped this with android. roboto


1. playfair display

In case you wanted that clarendon feel to your design playfair

2. libre baskerville

Baskerville is a really nice font when its italicised. You get that old book text feel. baskerville

Slab Serifs:

1. source serif pro

Another free font from the adobe. source serif pro

further reading

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