my favorite ubuntu applications

Initialize ubuntu software sources

First things first, after the initial install you need to give ubuntu a list of software packages and then this list will be reloaded any time you run the apt-get update command. sudo apt-get update

Get restricted extras:

There are some software that ubuntu isn’t allowed to include as part of the vanilla install but they do provide the location to download them. Among them audio/video codecs. Without them you won’t be able to play mp3, mp4 and other popular media files. To install You need to use apt-get: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras


I find it annoying to have to open ubuntu software center any time I need to install a .deb package. You can set gdebi as the default .deb package installer. sudo apt-get install gdebi

z-shell and oh-my-zsh

Through oh-my-zsh you can get better terminal auto completion, plugins and customization options. sudo apt-get install zshset it as the default terminal shell chroot

Install zsh curl -L | sh add update your .zshrc

References: Become A Command-Line Power User With Oh-My-ZSH And Z


It plays all the popular media formats, set it as the default file type for all your media files and change the settings to open only a single vlc instance. sudo apt-get install vlc

Ranger and tree

ranger When looking at a the directory structure of a folder ls may not be enough but tree and ranger are the best addons you could use. sudo apt-get install ranger & sudo apt-get install tree Installing and Using Ranger, a Terminal File Manager, on a Ubuntu

Chrome and Opera browser.

You will have to download the .deb files for each installer but you can them up to update whenever you update the os chrome and opera

Vim-gnome and tmux

I find it better to work within the terminal and I can edit code using vim. The reason I chose vim-gnome is because it enables you to copy the the system clipboard “* and through tmux you can open many tabs or windows in one terminal window. sudo apt-get install tmux vim-gnome Then customize your .tmux.conf and .vimrc files as you see fit.

get WPS (formerly Kingsoft) office

I tried creating documents using libre office and I didn’t like the experience, the best alternative is getting the free community version of kingsoft office. kingsoft community kingsoft writer

cmus and comp terminal music players

Ever wanted to play music right from your terminal without opening up a pesky gui. Well, this is what you are looking for. Unfortunately they don’t support vim navigation shortcut keys. sudo apt-get install mocp cmus

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