using git submodules to track vim/tmux/zsh extensions

Use aliases

In the root folder of my dotfiles, my home directory. I have a .gitmodules file that lists each extension along with its name and directory. I have .oh-my-zsh, tmux and vim extensions included. To make it easier I made new aliases to add modules, update and one to quickly edit the modules file if I ever needed to.

# git submodules 

alias gitmods="vim .gitmodules "
alias gitnewmod="git submodule add "
alias gitmodupdate="git submodule update "

# vim bundles folder

alias vimbundles='cd ~/.vim/bundle'

add your extension

Grab the link e.g, navigate to your vim extensions folder. I prefer to use pathogen, all I you need to do is place the file in the bundle folder.
vimbundles and to clone it as a submodule



You can even checkout the .gitmodule file to see if it has been update.gitmods If everything went well, the gitmodules file should look like this

[submodule ".vim/bundle/vim-easymotion"]
	path = .vim/bundle/vim-easymotion
	url =


my dotfiles You can see what other extensions am using.
gitmodules manual Sometimes you need the manual.

End of story