testing okhttp java library though ubuntu terminal

okhttp I wanted to add okhttp library to an android app and noticed that I could also use the same library in a regular java file. So I went for it. Good thing they provided some sample code.

1. Download the Code

Get the libraries for okttp and okio, you have to enclose the wget for okio because it contains an ‘&’ and also provide the output file name otherwise it will save it with an inconvenient name

wget http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/squareup/okhttp3/okhttp/3.6.0/okhttp-3.6.0.jar	
wget -O okio.jar "https://search.maven.org/remote_content?g=com.squareup.okio&a=okio&v=LATEST"	

Fetch the sample code as well and remove the package name[package okhttp.guide] just to make things simpler.

wget https://raw.github.com/square/okhttp/master/samples/guide/src/main/java/okhttp3/guide/GetExample.java 

2. Build the code.

I had a hard time figuring out how to do this but the trick was using the wild card in the classpath argument sent to javac. That will include any jar files within the current directory.

javac -cp "*" GetExample.java

3. Run the code

This part actually caused me most of the problem if you don’t include current directory in the classpath argument you will run into Error: Could not find or load main class GetExample java -cp “.:./*” GetExample.java


  1. okhttp
  2. Putting the Current Directory in the CLASSPATH

End of story