Sources of web and mobile design inspiration

Where do you go when you want to create something beautiful? I guess you would have to look around at the best apps around to learn from the best.

1. panda

muzli I can’t recommend this chrome new-tab extension highly enough. It forces you to always look at the best web design. Interesting to note that you don’t have to have chrome installed to access this tool. You can visit the webapp

2. muzli

muzli Its similar to panda. Although there are a few differences. The only issue is that you can’t have two newtab extension on the same browser so you will have to decide to go with muzli or panda

3. awwwards

awwwards This site awards the best web design from all over the world. You can submit your site and get praised for your skills. You can read their blog as well. Its possible to set it as one of the sources of inspiration in panda.

4. android arsenal

android arsenal

5. android niceties


6. ux archive

ux archive

7. redsgn


8. spoon graphics blog

spoon graphics blog I recommend that you sign up for the newsletter, Its quite colorful and informative.

9. unheap

unheap I also recommend you subscribe to this newsletter to get the latest updates from the javascript world.


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11. ewebdesign newsletter

ewebdesign newsletter this is one of those newsletters that you just have to subscribe to. i like how they sample the newest tools in the web developer world.

12. betalist


13. speakerdeck

speakerdeck this is one source for the best presentation designs. there may be no audio but the typography is enough

14. design inspiration

design inspiration

15. from up north

from up north

16. dribbble


17. You can find fantastic tutorials on web technologies especially javascript and node.

18. inspiration DE


19. pinterest

pinterest This was obvious.

20. behance-curated

behance curated The main behance site is fine but to get the best of the best I recommend visiting the curated lists based on what kind of inspiration you seek

21. uxpin whitepapers

uxpin whitepapers If you are really into Ux then this resource will be perfect for you, I recommend reading the best web designs trends of the year.

22. abduzeedo weekly apps

abduzeedo weekly apps If you are looking for a curated list of apps to draw inspiration from then abduzeedo’s weekly round up is just what you are looking for.

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